Living Out Dreams Entertainment is a full-service entertainment house segmented into 3 key focus areas which are Music, Films and Live. These three pillars of entertainment create a robust enterprise which is driven to create content for public enjoyment.


The music division is focused at developing and grooming Musicians who will take over the industry and make a long lasting impact through meaningful music. A strong focus on Hip Hop will allow Emcee’s to to tell their stories while using breath taking beats to navigate the hearts of fans. The management of rappers and producers will ensure the growth of talents while retain a high level of talent. Our starting lineup is Kerwin J, Looney, Tommy-P and Black&White…many more talents will emerge from this camp.


Events are a way for the musicians to interact with audience. The live experience creates an inexplicable connection with performers and audience. The atmosphere of having friends and family around while watching and listening to your favourite music is extremely exhilarating.   The bliss of live music creates endless memories and marks an era of music importants.


A unique perspective will be told through Hip Hop stories with an angle on real life situations. The urban Sub-Culture of Hip Hop has taken over the world we tell stories through long and short form stories, TV productions, Reality Television and Documentaries. We are the home of Hip Hop content production and many Hip Hop stories will be told through many means.


Rap Duo - Performers
Black&White is a hip hop group from Dundee, Kwa-Zulu Natal, now based in Johannesburg. The group consists of two members: Sphele “Vice” Ngema and Nasim ‘Tristan Summers’ Ally and was formed in 2013. Black&Whites’s music style is very diverse due to their background a host of musical genres such as old school rap/hip hop, Rnb, dance, trap and contemporary. One of the most amazing experiences was working the legendary Sipho Hotstix Mabuso. Their latest single Papers has been featured on the Underdog of the Day section on Slikouronlife. Black&White represents a lifestyle that involves not only music but also fashion which lead to having created the B&W clothing brand in 2016.


Kerwin J
Emcee - Poet - Performer
Kerwin Johnson also known by his stage name Kerwin J, is a South African rapper & poet. Born in Durban but he raised in Dundee, a small town in Northern KZN. His love for hip hop began when he was just a kid. It was inevitable that he too would begin freestyling, he realised then that he had a way with words and found an outlet to express his thoughts and feelings. From that moment on he knew rapping would forever be a part of him. Inspired by his surroundings and experiences he established his own style of music. Kerwin J’s style could be classified as Soulful Hip Hop. Through music he aims to bring awareness to the issues faced in his community and others similar to his.


Emcee - Performer
Paul Ngongoma also know as Looney (Infinite Looney) is a South African recording hip hop artist who was born and raised in Dundee. He fell in love with hip when he was 12 and he would rap along with his favorite rappers. After a few years of listening and rapping along he learned how to structure a song also how to his wittiness to come up with banger punch lines. He began writing his own rhymes and mostly used Kasi Lingo. Looney became a regular at the Pass the Mic sessions in Umlazi and soon became a crowd favorite with his catchy Kasi lingo and battle like, semi aggressive style. The Umlazi based rapper has vision and promises to blow his fans away by giving you a taste of how he grew up.


Emcee - Poet - Performer
Tommy Parmisser also known as Tommy-P is a South African hip hop recording artist. Born in Tugela Ferry but raised in the small coal mining town of Dundee.When Tommy was 17 his father passed on and he was left devastated. Feeling lost and unsure of what the future had in store for him. Listening to his fathers favourite songs somehow helped him cope. Being the firstborn he felt the need to be the provider for his family and contemplated dropping out of school to hustle any way he could. Knowing that was not what his father would of wanted for him he chose a different path and put all his anger, pain and sorrow into words that were expressed as rap songs. As he gained popularity around Dundee through his witty punch lines, he also gained a following of young rappers who look up to his as a mentor.




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